About Rohn Neugebauer

Somewhere over the rainbow!....Dreams do come true......

I have enjoyed many successes in my life,a wonderful & supportative family, a decorated veteran, a stock broker, then a real estate agent and manger of a real estate office for the past 17 years............And my dreams came true when we created Studio RAW!

I believe that the combination of my business background and experience and my partners (Dan & Larraine's) creatative touch, artful eyes, and our desire to create "an experience" is what make Studio RAW a magical place!

I personnally Thank all of our clients for trusting us with the care of your hair, for being much more than clients...being our friends and family. I am so blessed to have the most amazing staff....It is so rare to find emplyees that have become my family! I love you all!

I invite anyone looking for a change to experience.....Studio RAW...." Life doen't suck, maybe it's just your hair!"

Meet Rohn Neugebauer:

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